Quit O Quell

Eco Friendly Product, Highly Effective on Mosquitoes with Natural Aroma Specifications.

best mosquito repellent


Anti-Mosquito Vaporizer / Refill with effective herbal formula that protects your family. The liquid refill lasts for up to 30 Nights.

  • Kills Malaria & Dengue Mosquitoes
  • Controls mosquitoes Night & Day
  • One refill lasts 10 Days if used 24 hours a days
  • One refill lasts 30 Days if used 8 hours a days/night
  • QuitO Quell technology covers the entire room, so your family can sleep through the night undisturbed from mosquitoes.
  • Ensures a low electricity consumption & a consistent release of the Quit O Quell with pleasant fragrance.

coils last for up to 10 hours. Keeps Mosquitoes Away

Mosquito Coil

Anti-Mosquito Spiral with an effective herbal formula that protects your family, coils last for up to 10 hours.

  • D-trans Allethrin Formula
  • With effective herbs
  • Super-Size 10 hrs coil
  • Kills Malaria & Dengue mosquitoes
  • Protects your family from mosquitoes spreading diseases like malaria, & dengue
  • Pleasant fragrance

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